Bolder Boulder training run Ben and Sue

Life In The Clouds – Weddings, Running, Gardens, and SUMMER

Hey dreamers! Can you all believe we’re almost halfway through 2017?! We feel like we blinked and now May is almost over. Not that you’d be able to tell that the pools will be open in a week by looking outside. We got blasted by a snowstorm two days ago that dropped over a foot of snow in some areas. It even gave a few school districts snow days. Yes, you heard that right, SNOW DAYS IN MAY. Colorado at its finest.

Life has been crazy busy lately with a schedule full of running, weddings, planting our first garden, and planning summer events. Ben has been filming like crazy for his YouTube channel Nutrition Mission (SO much great content so far – check it out here), and I’ve been trying to tie up all of the loose ends that suddenly appear during this time of year. The school year is a week away from ending, which means two straight months of summer FUN.

We’ve been discovering a lot of great stuff lately, so we’ll be doing some posts on new recipes and products that we’ve discovered. But here’s a quick lowdown of what’s been going on up in the clouds.

It’s officially wedding season, and apparently we’re at the age where EVERYONE we know is getting married. We have at least one wedding a month, and so far have checked two off the list. Ben’s cousin got married in Larkspur earlier this month, and it was incredible. The venue was picturesque – straight out of a bridal magazine. The ceremony was outside, and then the reception was held inside a huge barn and stable that had been converted.

Everything about the wedding was perfection.  The food was amazing, the atmosphere was relaxed, there was an open bar (so key), and everyone had a great time.

They had these adorable jams that the bride made for guests to take home at the end of the night. Such a great idea! Ben has a huge family, so any event that brings them all together is sure to be a party.

Bolder Boulder training run Ben and Sue

We’ve also been training for the Bolder Boulder lately. This is hands down our favorite race of the year. It’s a 10k that’s basically a 6 mile party through the streets of Boulder. Everyone gets into this race. Over 50,000 people run it, and you can make an entire day out of just watching it. There are live bands, belly dancers, lawn parties, people throwing marshmallows, slip and slides set up… While our endlessly competitive nature drives us to run it every year, we’ve promised ourselves that one day we’ll walk it and stop at every party and activity along the way.

The freak snowstorm threw a wrench in our training plans, but on Saturday morning we got out and ran 4 miles together on the South Boulder trail. This is one of our favorite trails in Boulder. It’s relatively flat and runs along South Boulder creek and brings you up against the foothills. It’s pretty rare to have the combination of snow and green leaves, so that was a little perk along the way.

Biscuits and gravy at Whole Foods

And then we rewarded ourselves with… biscuits and gravy :). This  meal has been a recent obsession of ours lately. Since giving up meat a few years ago, biscuits and gravy is something we’ve missed SO MUCH. And then a few weeks ago we stumbled upon the hot food bar at Whole Foods during their breakfast and realized they have a vegetarian version with black pepper gravy. You guys… LIFE CHANGING. It’s become a weekend routine, and we don’t think we’ll be getting tired of it any time soon.

Another thing that’s been lingering on our to-do list is getting our garden planted. Since we’ve moved in to our new place last summer, we’ve been looking forward to using the garden  boxes in our front yard. Not surprisingly, procrastination has been pushing our plans back every weekend, which turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise since a hail storm proceeded the snow (doesn’t CO sound fun??) and completely destroyed countless planted gardens.

So this weekend we finally stopped at the farmers market and picked up our starter plants. This is our first go at the garden thing and we chose baby watermelon, cucumbers, and jalapenos. Watermelon and cucumbers need a lot of room, so that’s why we only got a few.

Planting our garden Ben planting jalepenos

Ben was so excited to get started. He planted the jalepenos in our small pots right when we got home (so cute). We’re waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday to plant the fruits because apparently that aligns with the lunar cycle and is better for growth (who knew?!). We both grew up in families who had gardens, and there’s just something so cool and rewarding about growing and eating your own food. Our dream is to one day have a huge garden that supplies the majority of our produce! But, start small :).

And finally… SUMMER is on the horizon for us. Here are the top 5 things we’re looking forward to:

  1. Italy!
  2. Concerts at Red Rocks
  3. Hiking, swimming, camping (yup, we cheated here – we considered them all outdoor activities)
  4. Mini-vacations out of state

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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