Welcome to milehighdreamers.com!

Here, you’ll find a blog that’s brought together with travel stories and tips, recipes, advise on fitness and healthy living, and a glimpse into the goofy (and in Ben’s case, often shirtless) antics of our relationship.

We’re building a place where like-minded free spirits can come together, so reach out to us! We love to hear your thoughts and stories while we cultivate this community of dreamers.

About Us

We’re a Colorado couple who are currently living life with a map in one hand, and a veggie in the other. However, our current lifestyle is a far cry from where we began together in 2008. We met at the young (and selfish) ages of 19 and 21, and have slowly navigated our way from day drinking and 2am pizza runs, to healthy living and wanderlust loving.

After spending 8 years in corporate America, Benjamin recently took a leap of faith and quit his job to become a full time fitness fanatic, and help others reach optimum health and happiness through his business Nutrition Mission. Sue currently teaches the 1st grade, and believes in the healthy balance of fitness and cupcakes.

We started this blog to document what is turning out to be the best years of our lives, and to create a community of people who also crave freedom and feeling good. As Ben says: the best part of fitness and doing what you love, is sharing that with someone else.

Although it took us years of unhealthy habits, heartache, heartbreak, and building ourselves (and our relationship) back from the ground up to get where we are now, we wouldn’t change a single thing. While we’re far from perfect (well… aside from Ben’s abs 🙂 ) and we hope to share what we’ve learned, what we’re still learning, and a little dash of laughs and inspiration with our readers.

While taking the leap of faith to follow our dreams is scary as hell, it’s also been rewarding and brought us closer than ever.

Whether you’re looking for travel tips and tricks, delicious recipes, or just a glimpse into our spontaneous antics, we’re thrilled that you’ve hopped onto the train of our crazy journey. We might not be living the typical lifestyle, but this is our life, our dreams, and we believe in building them a mile high.